Here's the You Tube clip (The Miniature Earth) - but this time it's been made in 2012.... Check out the changes.

After watching the clip called "The Miniature Earth," it's been interesting this past week to look at the maths needed (Yes, MATHS Mrs Ginnivan) in order to make our class of 30 represent the world. There were quite a number of global problems that became a little more real when we used our class to depict them. It's going to be good to get those photos up pictorially in the room.  We'll have to post some photos here on our web page.

Remember that we worked out that about 18 out of the thirty would have no access to adequate sanitation.  Remember those pictures that we looked at? 

Lots of people in the world struggle to live on $1 per day.  

And, remember the way that only one of us had access to the internet?  (Why would that be such a big deal do you think?)

What about the amount of money that is spent on the military compared to money spent on Aid?

I think one of the things that hit me during those classes was the questions that came from you guys.  Things like:
  • Why don't they just all rise up and make the changes happen?
  • Why don't the governments in their countries build or provide the facilities needed?
  • Why do they keep having children?
  • Why don't they just leave that country and go to another?
  • How come the people who have all the money don't share some of it?

I think that the questioning and thoughts that you had were pretty amazing and I loved the beginning of the conversations that took place.

We're all going to travel quite the learning journey this semester.  Hopefully everyone will continue to be enthusiastic contributors to this learning process. 

When you think about even these early stages of looking at world issues, can you name the problems that you think might be the biggest ones?  
  • What are the problems that we (as citizens of the world) should be looking to solve?  
  • Can you list your top five problems? (Don't worry about getting it right or wrong - just give it some thought)

What are some of the things that we could do, here in Nathalia, to solve some of these problems? What impact can we have on the world? 

Let's work on the RED points this time in the blog.  By the end of the semester we will (hopefully) have some ideas about solutions!!

I'm looking forward to reading your responses....
7/2/2013 01:21:31 pm

Poor old me. I'm the only one in South America. Poor old me

Mrs Dewar
7/2/2013 08:11:26 pm

You're doing a great job as leader of South America! What do you think are the top five problems in the world oh great leader?


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